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Information for the driving test and driving lessons

When the tester calls you into his office, he will,

  • check your provisional permit to make sure it is valid and relates to you.
  • ask you to sign a declaration that your test vehicle is roadworthy and insured.
  • ask you some questions on the rules of the road, and road signs.
Then the tester will go with you to your car, where,
  • you will be asked technical questions.
  • the tester will check that your indicators and brake lights are working, by standing in front and behind the car.
  • Once inside the car the tester will ask you to start the engine
    • PRECAUTIONS before starting the engine, --- H.N.I.
    • first check that the handbrake is properly on, H.
    • then check the gear lever is in neutral, N.
    • then you may turn the key to start the engine. I.(ignition)
  • the tester will also ask you questions on the secondary controls of the car; i.e. Headlights.
  • the tester will ask you to carry out your checks (cockpit drill)
    • DOOR - check that your door is properly shut.
    • SEAT BOTTOM - check that the seat bottom is close enough to the pedals, and LOCKED in place.
    • SEAT BACK - check that the seat back is adjusted to reach the gear lever and the steering wheel comfortably; the steering wheel adjusts also in most cars.
      Check that the head rest is properly adjusted for you.
    • SEAT BELT- make sure that you have your seat belt on.
    • MIRRORS- Make sure that the mirrors are properly adjusted for driving.

During the driving test, at a convenient point when you are parked up, the tester will ask you
to demonstrate hand signals, given below,

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